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By Website Team Technicians 22 Feb, 2017

You may have heard of the importance of avoiding an acid forming diet in order to stay in good health. Mention this concept to your doctor and they will likely dismiss it by saying the body keeps the acid/alkaline balance of blood within strict limits, which is true. What they overlook is that if you are mildly acidic for a period of time (which is really common), this balance  is achieved through mobilising the body’s alkaline reserves. One reserve is your bicarbonate buffering capacity but if that is deficient (any many people's is), magnesium and calcium stores from bone may be utilised instead. This is what can  have long-term health implications.


‘Mild prolonged acidosis’ can be caused by high-intensity exercise, stress, inflammation, alcohol intake, declining kidney function and an imbalanced diet. Cutting edge science is beginning to see correlations with lowered energy, lowered bone mineral density, increased inflammation, pain, compromised blood sugar control, reduced muscle strength, increased cartilage, tendon and ligament issues.


The ‘Google Gurus’ will tell you to take sodium bicarbonate, but naturopath Glynis Jeffery knows that can have detrimental effects on your digestion.


If you want real solutions for this important issue, contact Glynis today!

By Website Team Technicians 22 Feb, 2017

Are you looking forward to the warmer weather? Or are you someone who dreads spring because of seasonal allergies?


There are several ways naturopath and herbalist Glynis Jeffery can help.


Firstly, there are many herbs that will strengthen your immune system, so it doesn’t overreact. There are herbs to help the liver process allergens more effectively. There are even herbs that tone your mucous membranes to lessen itchiness and streaming of the eyes and nose.


There is also the question of your digestive function and the balance of your gut flora to consider. This is vital because 75% of your immune system is located in the tissue surrounding the gut. Do you have an imbalance in that flora, or could it be something you are eating that is exacerbating your allergic response?


Too much to sort out on your own? Glynis is here to help. Call today!

By Website Team Technicians 22 Feb, 2017

Do you suffer from bloating? It can be uncomfortable to start off the day with perfectly fitting clothes but have to release your belt later because your abdomen is distended.


There are many things that may cause this condition. You may have food intolerances. You may have insufficient stomach acid or pancreatic enzymes. There may be an imbalance of bacteria in your bowel. Or you may have parasites in your system.


Complicated isn’t it? That’s why you need the help of naturopath Glynis Jeffery who deals with these issues on a daily basis. She has a large dispensary of herbs containing the perfect remedies that will get your digestion and nutrition back on track.


Contact Glynis today!

By Website Team Technicians 22 Feb, 2017

Do you wake up tired even after a good night’s sleep? Do you drag yourself through the day using coffee and sugary snacks to give you a boost? Do you crave salt? Do you get frequent colds and flus, have a low libido, suffer from impotence or have menstrual difficulties? Are you someone who falls asleep on the couch soon after you get home? Do you finally get to bed exhausted only to find you can’t get off to sleep? 


All these health issues may point to a problem with the way parts of your brain (namely the hypothalamus and pituitary) communicate with your adrenals. 


Don’t panic. Help is at hand when you contact naturopath Glynis Jeffery because her dispensary is full of herbal medicines to get your brain and adrenals operating efficiently, and the communication pathways between them back in balance.


To regain the vitality you used to have, give Glynis a call today!

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