Herbalist & naturopath services in Bunbury

Personalised, natural solutions

When you choose Glynis Jeffery, you get the right herbal or naturopathic solution for your needs. She will take a thorough case history and examine pathology tests from a naturopathic perspective to find the source of your problems. Your treatments will be based on an evidence-based approach that is tailored just for you. You will finally find a solution with Glynis’ range of herbal medicines and dispensary remedies.

How do Glynis' treatments help?

By providing effective, high-quality herbal treatments, Glynis works to remedy a wide range of illnesses and issues, including:
green leaf
hormone imbalance
weight issues
autoimmune disease
green leaf
high cholesterol
adrenal imbalance
stress problems
blood sugar imbalance
green leaf
behaviour issues
digestion problems
learning difficulties
Proud member of the Naturopath and Herbalist's Association of Australia


"I particularly value Glynis because she is both academic and yet very approachable.

She genuinely cares for people. She is objective and considerate of my perspective when evaluating treatments and always gives an honest opinion in her natural, non-judgmental way. I respect Glynis, her ethics and the fact that we are working together as a team to benefit me.

The results we’re achieving reinforce this is right for me."

- M. Hancock

Get relief from chronic health problems

Many clients come to Glynis because they are frustrated. Their doctors can't see anything wrong with their pathology results but they know that something is amiss. Glynis will focus on the subtleties of how your body is functioning to ensure that you find relief and healing in a natural, positive way.
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