Extra medical tests in Bunbury

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Have you been to doctor who can’t find anything wrong or is unable to relieve your symptoms? Chronic illness can make you feel discouraged, but you do have options! Medical herbalist and naturopath Glynis Jeffery can coordinate with your GP and other health professionals to provide personalised solutions for your unresolved health issues.

Find the source of your problems

The first step in finally eliminating your illness is to find the true cause. Glynis has over 20 years of experience treating a wide variety of ailments. She will use any appropriate test at her disposal to begin your treatment, including:
green leaf
Comprehensive stool analysis
Intestinal permeability test
Oestrogen metabolites
Sleep profile test
Gene profiles
Cardiovascular risk profiles
green leaf
Heavy metals testing
Microbial ecology profile
Functional liver profile
Hair mineral analysis
Thyroid testing
Adrenal testing
green leaf
Naturopathic interpretation
  of pathology results
Food sensitivity testing
Fungal profile
Hormone testing
Zinc taste testing
Glynis offers genuine, friendly care and advice

Eliminate uncertainty and confusion

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